Ames Arrow is a small accessories line dedicated to small run, high quality, handmade goods. Ames Arrow is sustainably minded and source materials as closely and wisely as possible. All goods are hand cut and sewn in my studio in Columbus, Ohio.

The name Ames Arrow stems from a childhood nickname given to me by my father and I've always really liked arrows. Probably because my astrological sign is Sagittarius. 



My name is Amy Glass. I own and operate Ames Arrow.  I have always been a maker. As a child I learned to value handmade objects. After graduating from art college, I taught myself how to work with leather in the evenings after work. My first project was a leather camera strap that I still use regularly. I've learned loads about leather since that camera strap, most notable being that I really enjoy working with leather! 

 I am also an accomplished photographer and photo retoucher.